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Panasonic G10/15 series + BD60: settings for both systems ?


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Hi all,

First post, having just bought a 46" G15 and BD60 player. Very impressed with the performance out of the box with just a few settings tweaked.

However, despite a good trawl of this forum and others over the last few days, i cant find an obvious 'sticky' or 'reference' settings post for the G15 when hooked up to a BD60. Given that these are both Pannys, i assume a lot of people have this setup? (Or a G10 based setup).

Settings on the TV:
Colour Balance
colour Management
Eco Mode
(anything i have missed..?)

Settings on the BD player:
'User' mode
Int NR

And 'Progressive scan'
And 24p
(anything i have missed..?)

Apologies if i have missed an obvious sticky post; but is there a page on this awesome forum with any reference settings that people might have setup after a calibration session with these two devices? Or perhaps just settings that someone who knows what they are doing has set?

I've spent the last two days watching BladeRunner and Black Hawk Down. I've used the former (rightly or wrongly) as my reference BD. It seems like a good, dark film with bright sources and flesh tones to boot.

I've spent time messing with the G15s basic settings, and i think im beginning to get somewhere....then i stumble on the chuffin additional settings on the BD60 lol ! ! ! :eek:
I'm now totally at a loss as to how the two should be set to compliment each other. Just set the TV settings? Mess with the BD60 settings too?

Thus far i have turned 24p on the BD60 on, as the G15 seems happy with this. I guess i need a calibration BluRay disc to assist me if i mess further ?

And of course, if someone can point me in the right direction/at the right link, after sorting the basic setup there is a 'Service menu' that can be accessed too for more fine-tuning . . .? I may never get the TV setup to my liking lol !

Thanks in advance - any pointers/setting suggestions welcome :hiya:


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I have asked the question whether the Gamma control on my BD35 can be used to compensate for the lack of adjustment on my G10.
There has been no real reply to this, so I assume most people leave the Blu ray on normal.
I have played with the Blu ray user controls, but find I can't see any improvements over normal.


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Well, i have found yet another picture tweak on the BD60. Under 'Functions' - 'other options' there is an "HDMI Enhanced" setting which allegedly gives deeper blacks and whiter whites....

....totally lost now. I've enabled this 'enhanced' HDMI mode. Not sure if there is any difference over standard, and i have no real way to calibrate before/after other than with my eye. I still have not altered the other settings on the BD60 (Gamma etc)

It's kinda cool that a combination of Panny devices (which have fewer settings than other makes) can still lead to some confusion lol How to owners of Kuro TVs and better BD players cope ? :D


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Apologies for the bump, but I'm also interested in this post...

With a hacked G10 and gamma set to 2.5 etc, does it make sense to adjust the gamma to match on the BD60, or leave the blu-ray player on standard settings and just let the TV do the picture adjustments?

I have an EyeOne winging its way to me so I can do a little amateur calibration (I know, I just can't help myself..). The question is what 'baseline' settings should I adopt for the blu-ray player which will be the source for the calibration material? Bearing in mind that my primary source of viewing material is from SkyHD...

On a similar matter with regards to calibration - does one have to calibrate each input (HDMI 1/2) separately, or does one simply calibrate the TV on the Blu-Ray input, and this will be reflected in the other input?

Cheers all,


(I appreciate that the latter questions might be better in the G10 specific thread... I'll post there if necessary.)


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I have asked the question whether the Gamma control on my BD35 can be used to compensate for the lack of adjustment on my G10.

In theory yes it can. Gamma is really Gamma Correction. Its to compensate for the source material(TV, Dvd whatever) being made over bright so that when displayed on a CRT it looks right (technical issues with CRT's) .

The Plasmas/LCD's don' t have the same technical limitation,but all the source material is already adjusted. So Gamma Correction is just a way to set the picture back to the way its meant to be.

This means the Gamma Correction needs to be done between source and Screen, so BD palyer or Video Processor or Screen can do this as long as the total correction adds up to compensate for the 'fiddle'.

Heres a nice explanation
What Is Gamma Control Adjustment For HDTV Imaging Calibration

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