Panasonic FZ950 65" lost its pop


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Hello to all. I have had a panasonic fz950ou 65" for a week now and notice a weird drop in colour, what normally is an amazing vibrant colourful display is now washed out, dull, & no longer has the pop this TV is capable of displaying. Anyone had similar issues? This is actually the 3rd TV from Panasonic i have had with the exact same issue. The first 2 were GX880Z 65" Led panels. Salesman suggested i go to the higher spec oled to avoid this issue, hence the FZ950, yet here we are with the exact same issue. Is there something wrong with Panasonic technology? Comments appreciated.
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Depends on the picture mode and settings ( some inputs and apps change the settings for example Netflix I feel is too dull personally ) - You won't get a better display so something worth checking is the picture settings :)


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I get a washed out picture when I stream 4k from my mates Plex server, can't get to the bottom of it, it's the same whether original or transcoding, we both have good speeds.


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What picture mode are you using?

Generally Professional 1, 2 and THX Cinema are considered the most accurate. The only tweaks you should need to make to the Pro modes is to turn off IFC and put Sharpness to 0.

The only other element you may need to alter is Luminance Level to adjust for your eye comfort depending on your room's lighting conditions. Besides this you could always try a factory reset and start from scratch.

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