Question Panasonic FZ802 inbuilt Netflix app superior picture quality in contrast to Xbox One 4K disc or app


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In summary, I need a fix for playing Xbox 4K source material, as it is displaying more inferior 4K picture quality in comparison to my own 2018 Panasonic FZ802 OLED TV's inbuilt Netflix TV app.

The quality of the picture is reduced somewhat for the same film source whether it is being played either through a 4K blu-ray disc or through the Xbox's own Netflix app.

Grateful for advice you can offer to rectify this discrepancy given the marked lower picture quality when using the Xbox source (4K disc or Netflix App) against the in-built Panasonic app.

To explain the problem/issue I am trying to resolve for those who wish to read on: I understand playing a 4K blu-ray disc is always going to be superior in picture quality compared to viewing through a streaming service like Netflix due to the lower bitrate, hence why I thought I would compare. However, I am perplexed because in a side by side comparison of the BladeRunner 2049 4K Blu-ray [reference disc] compared to the Netflix release this week of the same 4K film, the Panasonic's inbuilt app picture quality is far superior. In spite of toggling through different picture modes and copying the same picture settings to the HDMI 1 port I am using for my Xbox One, I can evidently a difference when switching between the TV app and the HDMI 1 Xbox source 4K disc or Netflix app.

Both the Xbox One Netflix inbuilt app and 4K Blu-Ray version I own (played through the Xbox) has the same lower level of brightness and clarity, but is evidently of a much lower standard when compared to the inbuilt Panasonic Netflix app.

I am therefore led to believe this is an issue with the connection or set-up functions on either the Panasonic FZ TV or Xbox i.e. I am aware the Xbox reviews for picture quality were largely positive and all of my firmware and updates are current on both the TV and Xbox.

Many thanks in advance.
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Did you ever get this resolved? I have the same tv and Xbox one x so was interesting to read your findings.
On a side not I have found that the apps on the tv seem to stream SD for a couple of seconds before swapping to HD. Rakuten seems to crash completely sometimes when viewing UHD content


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Make sure you ensure all the settings are correct, as I have not experienced the switch from SD to HD or UHD to HD on my equipment (although not tried Rakuten). When plugged into HDMI 1 or 2 ports (full 4K providing 4:4:4), the Xbox should automatically pick up the correct TV settings and this is normally the default presets available, given it is a relatively new TV like ours. To further illustrate, Under "4K TV Details", in the Xbox menu, all the green ticks should be present aside from Dolby Vision which the 2018 TV doesn't support (although I get Atmos options on the Xbox Netflix app via the paid for Atmos app which the 2019 (GZ) and 2020 (HZ) Pana TVs inbuilt Netflix apps now support, showing the logo and enhancing the sound without AV enabled equipment).

In respect of the comparative TV picture quality of the app v other Xbox and other external devices, some knowledgable people on this forum have taken issue with me suggesting there is any difference, but I do notice variance, however small, and some people have raised it with other brands. Whether it is better or not may be debatable in some peoples eyes, and vary according to the app, but there is a difference. See these for example:
Answered - Netlfix app quality - better on TV or via box?

Therefore I believe the picture difference in the Xbox apps is due to the manner in which the Xbox processes HDR compared to my player or TV i.e. it is to do with the availability of full detailed settings that come with a player (even if you leave them at default) that pushes up the quality compared to the Xbox.

I personally believe from my viewing experience that being inbuilt, the TV app will perform in line with the TV's high picture settings due to the integrated nature of the software. I would like to see an independent review comparison which has not been completed across a number of streaming devices and inbuilt TV apps. However, it is generally accepted that Netflix is regarded as having the full sound and picture levels that AV enthusiasts want e.g. DV, Atmos and HDR but Disney+ I believe has also followed suit. I've seen that devices like Apple TV, deemed to be among one of the best for picture and sound still fall behind picture quality, although more recent firmware updates and settings may have improved these from when they were originally reviewed (although as noted, forum members in May 20 are still reporting quality issues).
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