Panasonic FZ38/45, Coolpix P100, FinePix HS10

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Panasonic FZ38/45, Coolpix P100, FinePix HS10

This has probably been discussed before, but I need to throw it out there. Firstly, I'm not a professional by any standards, but with a young family, and a keenness, I would like to upgrade from my P&S!

Currently I'm in the process of choosing a bridge/superzoom camera for my Christmas present, and have come down to these 3 choices. Cash is the deciding factor why I can't go for a DSLR, as well as my very amateur photography status!

Out of these three I'm ultimately looking for the best performer in low light. Also, is auto focus or manual focus better, what are some of the best features as I would quite like to have a little play with it too! Then there's things like lithium v AA batteries, best flash, best screen etc.

The reviews for these range from good, very good, mixed, the best of the year and so on. One reviewer will chose one over the other, then the next will differ. So if anyone has any personal preferences, anything for or against my selected 3, your input will be very welcome.



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HS10 too heavy and is not supplied with a rechargeable battery. Not ideal for family use as you will soon get tired of lugging a weight around!

P100 v FZ38/FZ45 not much in it, the Panasonic's probably have a little better IQ. FZ38 may be best if you can still find one but FZ100 now dropped down in price is a good option if you can afford it. Having a family means it is nice to capture video as well as photos so try to get a look at some sample movies from any camera you are thinking about. Don't forget a good backup regime to ensure the safety of your precious memories.
Just bought a FZ38 from Dixons online. They currently have them on their own for £199 or other deals but I went for the Fz38 + case +16gb memory card for £229.

Received the FZ38 today, quite suprised how small it is.

Need to take some pics in the day now. But was too dark when i tried it.


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