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Hiya chaps,

My partner was bought a FX50 for Christmas and despite it's impressive specifications we're not particularly happy with the image quality we're getting from it. The pictures seem to lack detail, are quite fuzzy and have a 'soft' look to them, we've tried different ISO settings and also on different quality settings but nothing seems to make a huge difference. Neither of us know much about photography so we're not really sure where the problem lies, and to make matters worse the reviews we've read are very contradictory ranging from very good to very poor.

Any suggestions? :)


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I just had a quick scan through a review and it seems that the shutter speeds are controlled by the camera. Are most of the pictures indoors?

If so, the camera is probably trying to compensate for poor lighting by using longer shutter speeds, which will nearly always cause camera shake and lead to blurred/soft photo's.

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My wife and I both have the Panasonic FZ50 and find them excellent. It may well be that the settings are awry. I would suggest for 'starters' that you put the camera into 'auto mode' (the red 'A' on the settings ring at the top right of the camera)then click on the menu button, scroll down to 'Picture size' and set it to 10m (which is the 'best' picture setting, scroll to the next setting after you have set that which is 'quality' ensuring that it is set at maximum which is depicted by six small squares plus an arrow above (forgive this poor description!). It is now dark so I suggest that you try some indoor flash photographs and thereafter turn the dial to > which is in between A and P and see how they have come out. If you can post one or two here then someone will be able to assist I am sure.


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Hi again, sorry for the delay in replying.

Here's a sample picture taken today, the settings used are as follows:

5 mp + no compression
ISO 100
No flash
1/500 Shutter

I've kept the picture in its original state, to me it lacks any sort of definition, nothing from foreground to background seems to be in focus.

Any thoughts? :)



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You are right. It's not as sharp as I would expect especially given the sharpening that would occur in camera. 1/500 should be fast enough not to get any camera shake so it's unlikely to be that. I'm not familiar with that camera but the only thing I can think of is that the focus point is wrong for the f/3.6 aperture. Was it taken on Auto?


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I ordered a Panasonic TZ3...great spec, terrible results.

Too noisy - it went back (actually I never even opened it, while waiting on it to arrive I established that a workmate had one so I was able to give it a good test - it majorly sucked canal water through its USB port....*especially* indoors)

I'm now intend ordering a Fuji F40FD. Ok, so not as good/flexible as the Fuji F31FD, but for only£100 (it's now heavily discounted from the original £250), it probably represents the best value from a spec/noise/performance perspective.

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