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Panasonic Freeview on Epson Projector

Discussion in 'Freeview & YouView' started by bikeboyz, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. bikeboyz


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    I have an Epson TW10 LCD projector. I have one of the original MiCO Classica 20 DVD players from Sainsburys, a Panasonic TU-CT20 freeview box and a Pioneer CLD-515 Laserdisc player.

    The projector comes with a scart adaptor which I have been using. In a bid to squeeze the last bit of quality from the LD player I chose to link the projectors Video socket directly to the Video socket on the LD by-passing the scart multi plug switcher and mass of cables. This works and shows marginal improvement.

    The Scart adaptor has Video(yellow), Red, Green, Blue wires. I have left the R G B 's plugged in. The DVD player works fine still, however the Panasonic freeview doesnt. The setup is set to RGB output, but unless the yellow video wire is also connected I get no picture. The projector is on RGB input.

    Am I missing something here? why should the DVD work fine just on RGB, but the freeview still require the video feed(Y) plus RGB?


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