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    I'm an E85 owner but I guess this applies to any recorder where you can label the thumbnails of recordings using a text input matrix.

    If I record from analogue then thumbnails are automatically named via teletext. A very slick and useful feature, but I discovered after one day that I always wanted to record from Freeview which gave vastly better quality commensurate with the machine's potential. However such recordings don't have programme info automatically added.

    Periodically I have chore of naming thumbs, since you soon forget what you've recorded! It's laborious. My suggestion is that you often use the same name (eg 'Simpsons' or consecutive episodes of say this week's ITV drama Stepfather).

    Would be great if the machine stored names as they were input, and could suggest a list of completed names after you typed in first few letters from which you selected the entry you required or could ignore if none matched (just like auto-completion on computer - even my humble PDA does it on entries for personal finance software).

    Just a thought for any manufacturers watching or dealers with links to them!

    If there's a bonus paid for suggestions please send to...


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