Panasonic EX87 Problem


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Hi guys - I've just got a new Panasonic EX87 ... awesome machine but I've got 1 problem. I can record fine to the HDD but it won't recognise anything I put in the DVD drive.

The manual says when you insert a blank RW DVD it should come up with a message to format it but whatever media I use it just reports it as invlaid media.

Anyone seen this before?

Thanks in advance



Welcome to the forum.

Either you have the misfortune to have a machine with a duff disc DVD drive or you are trying to use cheap incompatible media.

Have you tried a normal commercial DVD? If it will not read even those discs then it is reasonable to conclude that the drive is U/S... and it's time to contact your supplier.


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Hi - thanks. No the medium I've tried are Verbatim, TDK and Memorex and I use then pretty much all the time on the PC so I'm prety sure there's no problem with them.

Get exactly the same problem whether thye've been used before of they're brand new.


Hi Tony

It doesn't look good.

I suggest you try a factory reset , as a last resort, but I hold out very little hope of that making a difference.

I think you'll have to seek a replacement under warranty from your supplier.

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