Panasonic EX85EB – Flexible Recording


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Panasonic EX85EB – Flexible Recording

Dear All,

I am just trying to understand how to make best use of the Flexible Recording (FR) mode of my Panasonic EX85EB.

I want to copy to longer programmes I have stored on Sky+ onto the Hard Disk of the Panasonic, edit out the commercials and then copy to the resulting programme onto DVD-Ram at the highest possible quality.

Most of these programmes are around, or just under, two hours with the commercials, and around, or just under, one and a half hours after editing.

I had planned to record the programmes from the Sky+ in XP mode, made the edits, and then copy to DVD using the FR mode, in the hope of giving me the best possible picture quality.

However, having read through some of the entries here in the forums, I am not sure whether or not this best way to go.

Is the re-encoding necessary when using the above method detrimental to the final picture quality? Is there any advantage to using the FR mode when programmes are under two hours in length? Would it be better simply to record, edit and achieve in SP mode?

Many thanks for any advice and opinions you may be able to offer. I really appreciate the efforts of the many knowledgeable people who contribute so much to these forums.

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Yes, re-encoding the file will have an impact – so I suspect that you would be better of recording in SP. Besides, re-encoding takes real-time, when you could be dubbing at high speed!

In an ideal world you would select a “one-and-a-half-hour-on-a-disk” recording mode, but record for 2 hours. Edit out the ads, leaving you with 90 mins that just fills a disk – but (unless Panasonic have changed something with their new machines) I am sure that you can’t do that.

I have done it the other way round – used FR mode to simulate a 3-hour recoding mode, recording TV programmes but stopping the machine early, leaving me with 3 hours of TV programmes that just fitted a disk.

Any other suggestions?


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Many thanks for those replies received so far.

Is it the case that it is better to use SP simply because the re-encoding loss outweighs the advantage of using the higher bit rate FR mode, or because the FR mode doesn’t use a higher bit rate than SP when recording for less than two hours?

As a point of interest, when using the FR mode with recordings shorter than two hours, the Ram disc is usually around 99% full after recording.

Thanks in anticipation for any additional information anyone has on this.
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