Panasonic EX85 replacement needed due to loss at John Lewis!!


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Hi guys, I would be most grateful for your advice.

I took my Panasonic EX85 back for repair to JL before Christmas and unfortunately it was lost on the way back from the repairers :thumbsdow They are offering me a replacement, a Panasonic EX768.

My EX85 was the 250GB model, which cost more than the standard EX75, I think it was around £350 at the time?? It has a DV input which I use for copying my camcorder footage, and it has a SD card slot which I have used for viewing photos, but not recording - didn't know what the quality was like and never got round to trying it! (Have you tried??!!)

At the end of last year, when my recorder went faulty, I remember reading that the EX768 was a lower spec'ed model, I had a search around and found Gavtech's link for a comparison, but don't believe the table is complete :eek:

I would of said the more direct replacement would be a EX78 as it has a 250GB drive, the EX768 has only a 160GB drive, but the table doesn't say anything about DV inputs, or SD card slots for either model!! It also says the EX78 doesn't do DVD-RW at the top of the table - must be a mistake?? I hope so as before I took my unit for repair I spent ages copying off the HDD to DVD-RW's!!

JL only sell these 2 Panasonic's, the EX78 and EX768; I think the EX88 has a 400GB HDD, so even if they had one I don't expect I could ask for one of those?? (Unless I paid some more money?? - is that an option - I've never had a situation like this before!)

Are there any new models coming out soon, and when?

I have played with my sisters Sony at Christmas, to record stuff I couldn't as my Panasonic was in for repair, but have got used to Panasonic's, although I was getting the hang of the Sony eventually!! It was a £200 model, but didn't record to RAM disks like my Panasonic, which I did use for fast copying temporary stuff from HDD when editing home movie stuff, (as the chapters were kept and it was fast!).

JL only sell 2 Sony's the RDR-HXD1095B which is 500GB and a lot more money or the RDR-HXD995B which is 250GB and £270, so more comparable to my EX85, I think, but I know nothing of any Sony spec's in general or any of the differences between those and Panasonics'.

If you can give me any tips on the situation or the right model to choose I would be grateful :thumbsup:


Speedee :)


Hi Speedee.

This is not like John Lewis... and I think they are trying it on a bit.

The 768 is not a fair equivalent.

Just be firm and resolute and hold out for the EX78 which is a fair replacement.... for the very reasons you give.

Even if they would attempt to argue that it is 'betterment'... and I would probably disagree... then it is the least they should offer for your inconvenience for them having lost your machine.


On further consideration it would seem that the EX78 is NOT a fair equivalent... given the facilities you would loose.

Incidentally they will all support DVD-RW's . The apparent omissions in the chart are in reference to Disc speeds not discs themselves , which are mentioned elsewhere in the charts.

There is a comparison chart here of the specs of 768, 78, and 88

I think this is an extraordinary circumstance that demands an extraordinary response from John Lewis.
Through no fault of your own, they have lost your machine which had facilities that you purchased it for.
It seems they are trying to absorb the loss internally [ rather than via insurance], by offering you what they stock... but I do not think that should be YOUR concern.

I think they owe it to you to provide either another EX85 ... or an EX88 which would have the facilities you have been used to.
Whether they stock these should not be relevant. That is their problem.

If they could provide and EX88 it may be fair to negotiate a price difference based on the age of your other machine and the larger hard disc.

Whichever route is adopted I think you should push a little harder with them.
Their offer so far, is not fair.
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Thanks for the replies Gavtech.

I said the table hadn't mentioned DV inputs, but have found the EX768 doesn't have one from the new comparison table you posted, and found that I missed it first time!!

You mention some good points I had considered - it was not I that lost the machine, and I would like a EX85 as it is silver! it matches the PX600 I bought at the same time!! (and the Panasonic video recorder below that!).

Thanks for the DVD-RW comment - phew!

My machine hadn't had a hard life (it's a pity the Freeview receiver failed), the HDD was the most used, but no soaps! mainly MotoGP every other weekend or 3! , the odd film and home movie archiving, DVD's only burnt (I could count them up to see how any hours!) and we don't buy many DVD's to watch at all - Xmas presents only!

What did the EX85 have that the EX87 doesn't? I'm not sure?

1. is it no SD card slot - notice the EX88 has one from your table, but it doesn't say NO in the other columns!!

2. apart from Divx and MP3 and JPEGs, what does the USB input do? Can you back up the HDD to a external HDD or PC?

Other than that I don't know!

I wonder if I will get a guarantee with this replacement? And how long?

Thanks for input

Speedee :)


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On further consideration it would seem that the EX78 is NOT a fair equivalent... given the facilities you would loose.

What are the Sony's like - I just read they are Pioneers! but I've no knowledge of those either :confused:

Speedee :)


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JL are definetely trying it on. Its their first shot at negotiating. Go back to them and reject their offer outright. After all, your serviced EX85 after being repaired, should have been as good as new. I personally would insist on a Sony 995. Don't forget you are the one who has been inconvenienced, through no fault of your own. Get angry, tell them their response is totally inadequate, and that you are looking for compensation for the inconvenience you have sufferred. Ask to complain to a senior manager.

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