Panasonic ex75 does not recognise dvd-r discs



great forum - first post: the recorder has stopped recognising any dvd-r that i throw at it. Have recorded some FTA programs on the HDD and when trying to copy the program to a dvd-r, it comes with 'Read' for about 30 seconds and then follows with a "NoRead" message (for the just inserted disc). The plasma shows a messsage "Can Not Read. Please check the disk". Ok, I thought, poor quality dvdv-r disc, so I tried sony, hp, tdk, cheap Chinese - same result for all discs. Then I retrieved some backup movies and the result is the same - NoREad (on the display of the ex75 recorder). Took all my dvds (backup movie copies and blank dvd-r) to my Pioneer recorder dvr-630H-S and all backup movies play fine and am also able to record from the HDD to the discs (including the cheap ones) without a problem.
Have to say that the ex75 used to play some of these dvd-r discs fine. All started about 2 weeks ago -can't think of any changes I made have done to it. Have to say that the ex75 still reads and plays all VCD and some brand new original movies (and even some of the $1 movies I purchased in south East asia a while ago). So the question is why??. Any ideas, suggestions please – could it be a faulty recorder? It’s still under warranty. Please help - forever grateful.



Welcome to the forum, Ivel

It may be a simple as dirt in the optics ... but it could be a low laser or compromised PSU or dodgy servos... but I would not think further about it.., as it is under warranty - have it attended to.

It would be useful if you included a few of the blanks that it refuses to initialise to prove your point.

Tape them to the top of the machine with a note explaining all you have said here above.

Good luck.

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