Panasonic ETW60: Vierra Link settings do not keep audio volume settings and revert to TV speakers


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Hello all,

since many years, I have a setup consisting of a Panasonic TX-L47ETW60 (2013 model), connected via HDMI to a Denon AVR 1912 receiver, and an Amazon fire TV Stick HD, connected directly to the TV using ARC to get the sound through the Denon. The reason why the Fire TV stick is connected to the TV directly is that when connecting it to the Denon, then the auto framerate feature of the Fire TV stick does not work properly, but for this problem here, it makes no difference.

So, what is the problem? Since a few weeks (before, my setup worked flawlessly), my Panasonic TV does not correctly remember that the VOlume control buttons on the remote should actually control the output on the Denon AV receiver rather than the TV speakers. For that Purpose, I use Viera Link in the Panasonic TV settings, and set the output to "Home Cinema". This works for a while, but every now and then (maybe once a day), after turning on the TV again, this setting is lost, and the volume control is set back to control the volume of the Tv speakers, and when I enter the Vierra links settings, the output is reset from "Home Cinema" to "TV".

This whole thing has started from one day to the other, and I have no idea why and whn this is happening. All I know is that it is so annoying always o reset the Vierra Link settings to match my audio setup :-(

Does anybody have a clue why Vierra link is working so unreliably, and how to fix that problem? Thanks for any hints or advice you can give.


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This used to happen on my 2011 Panasonic plasma and also happens occasionally on my current Panasonic OLED, so I've resigned myself to it just being an annoying Panasonic 'quirk'.

I figured it may be a memory issue as it appears to be the TV 'forgetting' this particular audio setting, but no other settings are changed/forgotten - just that one.

In my case, it doesn't tend to happen when the TV is turned on and off from standby during the day, but mainly occurs when TV is switched off at the wall overnight and turned on the following day. If you tend to turn your TV off at the main switch or the wall, you could try leaving it in standby and see if this reduces the frequency of the problem.

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