Panasonic Engineer's Comments about THPWD4 Plasma noise

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After waiting for 4 days for a Panasonic engineer to call me back about the buzzing on the set, here are the main things he said.

1...ALL plasma's buzz, every plasma on the planet buzzes/hums.
2...HE said that you will get a increased buzz volume if you hang your plasma on the wall using the wall bracket.
3...It depends on what your wall is made of as to how loud the buzzing volume is.
4...DO NOT use any sound proofing foam/dampening sheets...I quote..'It would be like putting your plasma in a sealed plastic bag' IT would burn out/damage the set.
5...Sound proof your wall.

I asked him about the brochure where it says..'Silence engineering & Quiet technology' He said....I didnt write that so I cant comment on it.

He needs to take the plasma away to check the buzz levels.

I'll post more as I get updated.


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Soundproofing the wall is exactly the decision I came to, as I mentioned in the other thread. I am too nervous to add foam to the back of my panel as the other poster had done, it never seems like a great idea to block ventilation on an electrical device.

They took my panel away and it came back the same, as also confirmed in the US avforums by Techniwizard (Panasonic engineer). He said that of all the sets they have had in for buzzing issues none have been repaired as they are all 'within spec'.

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