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I've just got this machine and am slowly learning how to uses it. The instruction booklet isn't too good.. :confused:
I've got a few questions...if anyone would care to reply..
  • Timeslip. How would you use it? There is a Timeslip button. However, what you can do is- while recording to the HDD, just press play and it will play what you're recording anyway. You can fast forward etc. Or select the Direct Navigator and watch another programme you've previously recorded. I assume you can watch a DVD but not done that yet. Would you just press DVD and it would switch over to DVD mode?
  • How would you use the recorder is a Sky+ kind of way? Pausing Live TV. Just use the method above?
  • It doesn't remember the position I was at when watching a DVD after I turn it off. Unless I'm missing something, that's poor. :thumbsdow On my 2 year old Sony that this is replacing it was very handy - esp for the kids. They can come in from school etc. push play and carry on. In fact it remembered 3 disc positions I think.
  • Direct access to a point in a film. Can I type anywhere, say 0:50:00 and go straight to 50 mins?
  • Is there a quick way to turn the subtitles on in a film without having to go through DISPLAY and navigating to the subs option?
  • Same as above but for different soundtracks. eg. DD 5.1 and DTS.
  • Is there a way to see how long is remaining in a film? Again, my old player could cycle through time remaining between the chapter and the film. Can I see which chapter is playing?
  • When I recorded to the HDD last night I selected to have the STTS (subtitles ) option on. They're not there while watching it at the time but the recording seems to have them burned in - you can't turn them off. Seems strange.
  • Dubbing: it mentions about high speed dubbing etc. Not done any of this yet but there is something about if you wish to 'high-speed dub' to disc, you must set an option in advance. Doing this though means you only get 4:3 transfers. Again, am I missing something? If I don't select this, how long will it take to copy a 2hr film, for example, to DVD? Assume it was recorded at the 2hr Flex option.

Cheers all - I'll probably have a few more when I play with it a bit more but hope you've got some answers for's my first DVD Recorder.



I have one too - can't answer everything because I haven't tried everything yet, but here goes (in the order you asked):

Timeslip: I just use it as you describe - hit it to see the currently-recording track from the beginning. It does have that facility to skip along in chunks of time but I just tend to use the normal transport buttons for that. The timeslip button also comes in handy when you're NOT recording, just playing back, as then the small picture shows what's on live broadcast at the moment (channel up/down keys work in this window). Timeslip also works the same way on DVD-RAMs and you can watch a DVD whilst the HDD records.

Sky+ like method of pausing live TV: I don't have Sky+ but know what you mean. With an HDD this big, and this fast to respond, just hit the record key on the remote and stop it when you remember. Or use multiple presses of the one on the EH60D itself, for one touch recording with timer (only in half-hour chunks though).

Not remembering where it was on playback if you turn it off: I agree - my old Panasonic player had 5 position memories but I noted this feature had gone missing in the range last year, including the E55 DVD recorder (the generation before still had it). For *recordable* discs I just hit the chapter marker - does pretty much the same job. But there's no easy fix for bought/hired movie DVDs I'm afraid.

Direct access to a time point - er, dunno - I haven't yet thought to try that and I'm away from the recorder at present. It might, it might not....

Quicker way to turn subtitles on in a film? Probably not. The subtitle button is, I think, only for Freeview. Same probably applies to switching audio tracks. Long presses on the subtitle button will do it (worryingly, with no onscreen feedback) but again I think that's just for your own recordings.

Time remaining display? Not really, I don't think. Again my old Panasonic player (S35 or something) had it and the E55 had a graphic bar which gave some vague idea but that doesn't seem to show up on the EH60D.

Burning in of subtitles - that's Freeview. Every recorder that can do it will be the same. Freeview subtitles aren't decoded on the fly by your TV or recorder like analogue ones; if they're displayed, they're recorded as part of the picture. At least on this machine you can individually request them or not in the timer - many can't offer this choice, just recording them or not as the machine was last used.

The high speed dub limitations only apply to dubbing to DVD-R, -RW and +R. No limitations at all if you use DVD-RAM. The speed of a dub in high speed depends on the speed of the original recording and the rated speed of the DVD-RAM disc too. Haven't done many, but I recall an hour of SP took about 12 minutes ish on a 2-3 speed DVD-RAM I think. The higher the quality it was, the longer (more data to copy). Haven't tried any other types of dubbing except a realtime one to DVD-R just to see how it went - that seemed to preserve 16:9 and the RAM ones certainly do, even high speed (the latter also let you record and play back other programmes at the same time).

The style of the instruction book is a bit strange. I use it in conjunction with a pdf of the EH50 instructions, which are written more in the style of the previous range. Of course that one doesn't have the Freeview etc., but it sometimes fills in the gaps on the shared features, by explaining them in a different manner that in conjunction with the EH60D instructions, then makes sense!

Hope that helps.


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""It doesn't remember the position I was at when watching a DVD after I turn it off. Unless I'm missing something, that's poor""

Not quite sure what you mean. If you mean it won't remember after turning the player off, then you're correct.

However on the DVD's I've played, I've used the stop button, switched to, say, a tv channel, then gone back, pressed play and the film has commenced from where we'd stopped it. Done this several times so don't think it's a fluke.

Mind you, i'm still ploughing through all the facilities this machine has to offer (had mine about 3 weeks now) so still have masses to learn and, like you, do not find the format of the manual very good for a severely technically disabled dumbo like me!


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Thanks both. For the disc position, yes you can push stop and then continue later on. My current player can be turned off and even have another disc played. When you then put the other disc back in, it carries on from where you left off. :)

So, do you use the Timeslip button for 'Timeslipping'? The manual mentions the timeslip function but doesn't really give a definition of what it is. Same for 'dubbing'. Quite a few pages on it but it doesn't (for me) really explain what it is. I tried copying (dubbing) a clip from a DVD-R to the HD. It basically seemed to play the film and record it to the HDD. Is that it? Can't it do it faster? The pages seem confusing to me.. What is 'normal-speed mode'? Can you choose which one you want? So, if I record a film to HDD and want to later copy it to DVD-R, I need to keep the menu option for High-speed dubbing to off ( to preserve 16:9 ratio) and then the transfer will only be done in real time - is that right? Would chapters be preserved? Does the system create automatic chapters ever? What is 'timer-controlled dubbing'? With respect to that, what is 'dubbing time'? The manual says if it is OFF, the whole disc is dubbed and if it is ON, it starts at the 'desired position'. What does that mean?
Is it possible to copy a whole DVD-R to HDD and back again to DVD-R?
Is a playlist basically putting together the clips you want to be copied to DVD? When you copy to a DVD-R, do you get moving thumbnails etc. to select clips from?

Sooo many questions again.. thanks.

Ste (NOT a technophobe but feeling like one at the minute..) :(


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With regards to high speed dubbing....if the high speed dubbing option is set to off then any recordings made to DVD-R or RW or HDD will only be dubbed in real time i.e. 1x when transferred to disc or HDD.

Setting the high speed dubbing to on allows transfers to DVD or HDD to be transferred at the speed of the media i.e. dubbing from HDD to DVD-R using a 8x DVD will transfer the recording in 7mins 30 secs.

I'm not really sure why you need to set the option to high speed dubbing on although the manual makes a very half hearted attempted to explain but doesn't. Needless to say the dubbings I've made using the high speed mode have all kept their 16:9 ratio but I only ever record in XP mode for max PQ. I have even lent out dubbed recordings made to DVd-RW to friends who have used them on a Pioneer DVR-220S and a 4:3 TV and the recordings appeared in widescreen with black borders on the 4:3 TV.

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