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I had a Toshiba XS34. Editing on the Tosh was quite involved though i got used to it.

I used the Tosh mainly as extra storage for SKY+ programmes i wanted to keep.

I used to encode programmes from Sky+ at 9.2Mps to the HDD and then dependant on the quality i wanted i would make a playlist of the edited program and re record it back to the HDD with Rate conversion applied

ie i would re encode it to say 4.6Mbs and save the new edited re-encoded version of the program as a new title.
Then i would delete the original recording to free up disc space.

Is any of what i have done possible on the Panasonic as it does not appear to have definable recording rates?

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You can define the recording rate indirectly using the FR (Flexible Record) mode, instead of the fixed XP, SP, LP, EP modes. Basically you specify the recording time and the machine sets a rate so the recording just fits the available space on the disc.

You could use FR to make the original recording from Sky+, but you might just as well use XP mode if you're going to re-encode it later.

You can create a playlist.

You can't dub a playlist on the HDD back to the HDD, but you can dub a playlist on the HDD to a DVD-RAM, using FR mode if you want, then high speed dub the resulting title back to the HDD (high speed dubbing copies the original exactly - there is no re-encoding).

(Edit added 'if you're going to re-encode it later')

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