Panasonic EH50 setup issues

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    my dad recently bought a new Tv, digi box and eh50 setup
    we are new to all of this , 3xRCA gives my dad a headache let alone scart and component inputs

    the TV is a sony wega 76cm widescreen flat CRT
    it has a component input (red, green blue RCA sockets?) with L and R audio
    then just an aerial and 4 regular av inputs

    the digital box is a next wave something or other
    it has red white and yellow rca outputs and a scart component output
    we connected it up to the eh50 using the scart cable fine

    then from the eh50 to the tv i am using a scart to rca component lead as we are in aus and scart is not to popular

    the problem we are having is the component output from the eh50 to the tv. i can change functions and settings no problem using the standed rca outputs but the component output using the scart has no picture but has sound :s

    we are not sure what else we can do has anyone got any suggestions or know of any problems?

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