Panasonic e65/e55 or pioneer220

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    Hi im new read through a lot of the threads coundnt find a few answers to these questions
    hope someone can help

    which is better the panasonic or pioneer also do dvd recorders all have fans
    as i find the noise anoying i presume only the ones with hds would have fans

    also do these models have noisy operating sound

    most people seem to go for the panasonic rather than the pioneer

    could someone please tell me the advantages of both or ethier

    also does these models have any editing features as i want to save best parts of videos to dvd

    many thanks to anyone who replys

    its i nice forum

    teresa in london
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    The Panasonic is the all-round superior machine: it offers 3h full resolution recording, 2 channel DVD-Audio, component out and progressive scan - which is why most people have opted for that. What stops some people going for the Panasonic though is that it's re-writeable DVDR format is DVD-RAM - a great format that allows editting, timeslip, playlists etc but which is incompatible with most other DVD players.

    By contrast the Pioneer records to DVD-RW - you can either use VR mode (which offers the same features as DVD-RAM but is also incompatible with other DVD players) or 'Video' mode which doesn't allow any editting/features but probably will play on other DVD players. It is for this DVD-RW Video mode which somepeople are prepared to accept the reduced features of the Pioneer.

    Both Panasonic and Pioneer machines record to DVD-R - a format that doesn't allow editting but will play on almost any DVD player.

    Yes they both allow you to edit although your recordings will be incompatible with other DVD players. If you want to make editted, compatible recordings you will need a HDD/DVDR combo such as the Panasonic E85 or Toshiba RDXS32.

    Noise seems to be quite a subjective issue on these boards - obviously everyone has their own idea what is noisy and the machines doubtless vary. Generally standalones are quieter than HDD/DVDRs though...

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