Panasonic E55 Tempramental Widescreen Switching?!

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Boy Lex, Sep 6, 2004.

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    Ok. So I just got my Panasonic E55, and for the most part I am chuffed with it. But this one's really nagging me, so thoughts really appreciated.

    I've got a Hitatchi 28" widescreen telly. What I want to achieve is the setup I had with the VCR. That is to say, the Sky box goes 'through' the DVD Recorder, so that when the recorder is switched off, RGB is sent to the telly and the audio is sent to my amplifier. My old VCR had analog outputs in addition to the scart that carried the audio through when it was switched off which was quite handy. It looks like the E55 doesn't do this. So...

    I've made a scart lead that takes the composite, rgb, screens and blankings to the telly from AV1 and takes the audio off to my amplifier. It works great! The TV gets RGB out of the DVD-R when it is on, and is getting RGB from the Sky box when it is off. The Audio goes to the amplifier when it is on and the Sky audio is routed through when it's off.

    Things would be perfect if the widescreen switched properly. Now before you say 'it's the scart cable you made' or it's a dodgy scart between the Sky box and the DVD-R. Here's the thing...

    When the DVD-R is switched on, widescreen switching works. You flick up and down and the TV adjusts from 16:9 to 4:3 depending on the Sky box output. When I switch the DVD-R off, everything is routed through, I get a beautiful RGB picture, but the widescreen no longer switches. Surley if this was a problem with a scart cable, it wouldn't work with the DVD-R on?

    I don't really want to leave the DVD-R on all the time, and I don't want to have to manually switch aspect ratios. Any ideas?

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