Panasonic E55 + editing on PC (TMPG Enc or Ulead?)

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    Hi there,
    I'm a new member and am thinking of buying an E55 recorder. DVD recorders with hard drives seem overpriced given the current price of computer hard drives. The cheapest DVD-HDD recorder seems to be the JVC DR-MH20 (ca £320), but reviews of other JVC recorders don't seem too good, so the E55 may be the best bet.

    The guide produced here for editing on a PC after recording on DVD-RAM is very useful. TMPG Enc author and Ulead Moviefactory 3 both seem to support DVD-RAM, but do they both perform well? I used to have a Hauppauge Win TV PVR USB2 which could record TV on a PC and then used the supplied Ulead Moviefactory 2 for editing and burning recordings. I only used it to record SVCDs at the time (no DVD writer and Athlon 1.1 GHz), but occasionally I found the video and sound slightly out of sinc after some basic editing. This might have been due to a low power PC, but has any one else found lip-sinc problems etc. after editing and recording DVDs? What speed processor is required for everything to work fine? Over 2 GHz?

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    Consult TMPG Encoder's website for their recommended specs - even better why not download the demo and verify it all works correctly? Lip Sync isn't really an issue if you get a recorder like the E55 - you'll do all your editting on your DVD recorder and then just use the TMPG Enc Author programme for adding menus etc.

    The Ulead products offer many more features than TMPG Enc Author and are highly recommended by some users here. However for those new(sh) to video editting I suggest using TMPG Enc Author which is very user friendly.

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