Panasonic E55 DVD-R Problems


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Has anyone else had problems with the finalised menus on DVD-R discs made on this recorder?

Video content on discs is fine, but the full menu graphics (including thumbnails) are not displayed properly, either on the DVD recorder or on other DVD-R compatible players. It is still possible to select and play the material.

Have made 10 DVD-R copies (high quality TDK DVD-Rs), and problem has shown up on 2 of them. On 1, half the menu is missing, on the other, only a fraction of the menu is visable.



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I have the exact same problem. I've recorded about 30 and have had 4 with the menu problems you describe. I'm afraid i don't have a solution for you, but at least you know you're not alone :hiya:

BTW i bought my E55 from Richer Sounds, and am using Datasafe discs.


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Many thanks - good to know that it is not an isolated problem. :clap:

Anyone know a solution? Does it happen on any other Panny DVD recorders, or any others?

I was so annoyed I took the recorder back to Richer Sounds (bought mine there also) for a refund.



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Hi Guys,
Only recorded a dozen or so programmes on Panasonic DVD-R & RAM and had no problems as yet with the same machine. If any develop I'll let you know.

Good luck


Hi there.

I got my E55 from Richer Sounds too. It was working fine for a couple of days. Then on a DVD-R disc, it did what you described Barzo - only half the menu was displayed on finalising.

Then it stopped recording on RAM discs altogether, got nothing but a broken image which froze the player on playback.

Took the wretched thing back earlier this week and got a replacement. The assistant's face was a picture when he saw me return with the box "Thats the first one we've had back" he said in astonishment.

Anyway, got a replacement and this is okay so far. If it goes belly-up, then its goodbye Panny machines...Will let you know


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Sorry Barzo i missed this thread, and created my own.

I have had my E55 for about a month, i've only recorded to 2 dvd-r and the latest one gave me the half screen problem, so annoying since all the footage was compiled off loads of vhs tapes took me ages.

Just to let you all know i didn't buy mine from Richer Sounds mine was from dvdplayers.co.uk, so it looks like its a panasonic problem rather than a particular shop or chip.


Has anyone solved this problem?
I recently purchased the Panasonic DMR-E55 DVD recorder and recorded a
regular 8mm video cam movie on to a DVD-R. I edited the title for the
chapter, gave the dvd a name, finalized and all appeared to go well.
The dvd video and audio quality are great but the creation of the menu
was trashed. The bottom 80% of the screen is black. The top portion is
visible with the correct thumbnail and title. Something obviously went
wrong during the write of the menu image only. I've tried low and high
quality (Verbatim Datalife Plus) DVD-R 4x media.
I then did a bit of testing and this is what I found. I called Panasonic
and they had not heard of such a problem so I took the unit back and
exchanged it for a new one. I hadn't originally connected the first
unit to cable since I was only creating dvds from a video camera. So I
hooked it up to cable, setup the channels, etc and recorded some tv shows.
After finalizing, the menus came out fine!?! (on low and high quality
media so we can take that out of the equation) I tested again with
video camera as source and the menus came out fine! Cool, I'm happy, there's some weird requirement with cable being attached, I'll deal.
I then tried with just an antenna hook up and no dice, bad menus.
Fine. I go to bed, come back the next day, burn another dvd from a video cam... perfect. A couple hours later, I burn another from video cam and
whoa - bad freakin menu!! I run another test because I had
disconnected the camera before finalizing, thought maybe the thing is flaky that way but again - bad menu. I'm at a loss.


I live in Australia & also own the DMR-E55 and have had problems with the menu screens especially when creating discs with a lot of chapters such as music video clips which usually has about 30 - 32 chapters for a 2 hour disc. After trying heaps of different brand discs but with no solutions to the problem I had a look back at the discs I had problems with & found a common connection that they were all discs that I had over 2 thumbnails on the menu also they were discs that I had selected main menu as first play instead of Title 1 as play first play. Others were discs that I had erased a chapter from a DVD-R because it had run longer than I wanted it to & of course with DVD-R I couldn't partially erase as with DVD-RAM Discs. So now I select all discs as play title 1 & have had no problems in the first 40 - 50 discs i have recorded this way, of course I would rather a disc with many thumbnails to load the menu but at least they are working well so far and I can hit the menu button to go the menu screen. I t may not be the ideal solution but at least it has worked with every disc I have done that way so far. So I hope this helps with a more success rate.

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