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    I've just had a Panasonic E55 delivered (my first ever DVD recorder) and spent far too much of the weekend getting to know it. Very nice too, it seems. However, I did notice a few of the "unimportant" little extras that I nevertheless seem to find useful, are missing (compared with my Panasonic S35 player, which I'm passing on to friends). One such was position memory, to easily and simply get the machine to *permanently* remember where I was in playback of a programme, if I had to switch it off (obviously the E55 remembers where it was, but if you only press stop [once] and don't switch it to standby). Of course, the answer would be to leave the E55 switched on - but due to those clever QLink/Smartlink features, if I switch the Sony TV to standby, the E55 says "Bye" and follows suit. I see several ways around this (such as not having those features enabled by using the other SCART, or just a not-fully-connected SCART lead, or using the Chapter function as a workaround) - but none is quite as simple as just having position memory - why did they leave it off, I wonder? Price, I suppose.

    It's academic now as I can't return it, but I downloaded the predecessor machine's manual (the E50) and I see it had most of the little frills I am currently feeling that I miss (logical I suppose since it was from the same generation as my old S35 player). One clause in its manual intrigued me - can any E50 owners tell me: was the E50 capable of recording teletext subtitles from TV broadcasts? The E55 isn't and they clearly state it, but since the Panasonic NV-FJ710 VCR that I (still) have *is*, it seems possible the E50 was also able to do it and the wording of the E50's manual appears to suggest it (but the wording's a bit vague). If so, there's another thing to "miss" for a bit, as I sometimes found it handy!

    In the meantime, I will console myself by admiring the E55's better looks (to my eye), clever but not entirely necessary animated thumbnails on the Direct Navigator, and the 8/16-hour ability option on EP (compared with the E50's maximum of 6/12 hours)... Human nature being what it is, those things don't seem quite as important/significant as the things this newer model doesn't do, that previous ones did! Are there any areas where the E55 is generally agreed to be an improvement on the E50? I expect having component output is a significant addition - but my TV's not compatible!


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