panasonic e50 problem



Bit of a weird one this:confused:
Basically, have the e50 connected up to the following:
AV2>Tivo on scart connected via scart to a Pioneer freeview box
AV4>Panasonic S75 DVD player via s-video
E50 output>S-Video & optical connection to my amp

What's happening is that when I put a dvd in the s75 and switch the e50 to the av4 input, the picture comes up but has a black/blue/green bar at the bottom of the screen about 30mm high. If i spin a disc in the e50 then it plays no problems, but as my S75 is multi-region, i can't play my ntsc discs in the e50.
I've checked the cables and eliminated them (all brand new ixos s-video) so what could the problem be? I've been into the setup on both machines and can't find anything out of place.

Also does anyone know if it is possible to change the remote control settings one of the machines so that both don't use the same signal?

have you checked that everythign is on its own channel. I know its not supposed to affect scarts but it does.
yep done that and it's fine.
one thing has come to mind that it might be. could it be the macrovision kicking in as it does not affect recordings that i've done before on dvd-r's and ram discs?
I have my sky going into av2
video into AV4 and my DVD into av1 with a NTSC-PAL convertor in between.

It all works great and as a side effect of the ntsc pal convertor it removes macrovision and we all know what that means...

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