panasonic e50 - feedbask with ram disc



my system of dvd recorder, sky+, video is all connected as suggested via this forum. all is working except there is a strange effect when in A2 mode on the panasonic e50, with sky+ off and a ram disc inserted, - there is a horrendous feedback ( increasing sound and picture getting suddlenlyl blanched !).

it only happens when the dvd-ram is incerted ans sky+ is switched what is happening ???


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my system of dvd recorder, sky+, video is all connected as suggested via this forum
Can you list how your connected fully as there are a number of ways you might have been advised on how to connect up here! It will make troubleshooting on this topic alot easier.


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It's a feedback loop. Your sky+ vcr scart connected to the tv (scart 2), and the tv sending a signal out on this scart. Your recorder is connected to another scart (scart 1) but the the tv is set to output on scart 2 what's incoming on scart 1 so you have a loop when the sky+ box passes through the signal incoming on its vcr scart to the recorder.

The solution is to change your tv setup so that scart 2 doesn't output scart 1, cut some wires in the scart lead, or just leave your sky box on.


thanks chaps - sounds about right, as i am using scarts that are ALL 21 pin wired. In the future, i'll get a spare scart, take out the returns and try that. For the moment as suggested , i'll use plan B, keep sky on , as that solutuion stops the feedback !


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