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Does anyone know if there is any restriction on using the FR mode on recordings? What I mean is: If you have say an existing 40 minute recording (SP) on a DVD-RAM disk can you schedule a two hour recording in FR mode and get it to fill the disk?

The reason I ask is that I was trying to record a two hour program last night and to get the best quality I selected FR but after an hour and 20 minutes the recorder stopped recording.

I thought you could use FR all the way up to 4 hours, am I wrong?
Is it only variable between SP and XP?




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Not exactly sure but I have recorded in FR mode programs that are much longer than available SP space.
I think the limits are between XP and EP (1hr to 6hrs) at the best recording rate for the length of program you wish to record.
The best way to check this is by setting the recording in timer mode (manual not Video+) where you can select FR record mode and the dick space indicator should show OK if it will fit... a "! " will mean it cannot do this in the disk space left.


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DaveP . The fact that there was already 40 min on the disc and it stopped recording after 1 hour 40 minutes (That completes th SP 2 hour limit) It sounds as though you may have mistakenly selected SP instead of FR.

With only 40 min used you should be able to get up to another 5 hours and 20 min on the disc in FR mode if I am not mistaken with my maths. :D

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