Panasonic E-65 RF Problems


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Hi all,
A couple of small issues with this machine.
I am unable to view pictures in RF which I need to send the pics to another room.I have tried holding down the functions key on the remote, which I saw suggested on another post, but nothing happens.
When I tune my satellite receivers to the Panny in RF my Strong 4350 doesn't have a problem but my Sky Digibox does. It produces a perfect image but the sound is distorted. It happens no matter what frequency I use through the digibox menu....strange indeed! If I connect to the tv direct from the digibox the sound is perfect.
Anyone got any ideas what's going on???


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Anyone out there!!!!


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I have the E65 and cant say I have noticed this problem. Although when I connected a lot of different boxes in series (Sky, Sky+, VCR, DVDR and old NTL box) the Sky signal quality seemed to be the one that suffered the most on the RF feed, PQ mainly. May be a weak RF out on the Sky box? Difficult to eliminate one or the other as both work in different situations.

Could try connecting the Sky box via scart and then using the RF out on the DVDR to view in other rooms. Only downside to this is that you have to have the E65 switched on all the time, I dont know about you but mine is a little noisy.

As far as changing the RF out on the E65 the holding down of Functions button works for me, but only when it is released I think?



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