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    hi thanks to the last guy who answered some questions for me the other day much appreciated

    does the e 55 have a fan? is it noisy?

    also is it worth getting the e 65 because it has some screen guide to the weeks programes?

    also when you say it can record 3 hours a full resoloution what do you mean

    panasonic website says it can record 2hrs at standard mode

    also can i play the dvds recorded on my pc?

    thankyou so much for your effort made as im new to all this

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    As with any DVD recorder it makes a little noise - but is quite quiet IMHO. Certainly quieter than most HDD/DVDRs.

    The UK Panasonic E65 does not have a Guide to the weeks programmes! It's worth getting the E65 if you want iLink (If you have a Digital Camcorder), you want to record concerts (due to LPCM recording) or if you want the PC/SD Card slots.

    The Panasonic range has a number of different recording modes: XP (1Hr), SP (2hrs), LP (4hrs) and EP (6 or 8hrs). It also has Flexible Record which allows you to use a bitrate anywhere between XP (1hr) and EP (6hr), e.g. 2hrs 59mins.

    When you step down a recording mode the bitrate (data used per scene) is reduced from the maximium (9.8MBits/S in XP mode) so as to ensure the capacity of the disk is sufficient for the length of recording. If you select a recording length over 3hrs, i.e. use Flexible Record greater than 3hrs, LP or EP, then instead of full resolution it will record at half resolution which obviously reduces the quality.

    Provided they are authored/produced properly and are recorded on DVD minus disks (DVD-RW or DVD-R) then yes. Some DVD plus disks may also work but I can't promise that.

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