Panasonic DVDS49 or ?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by jimbo2, Jul 26, 2005.

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    Hello all, anybody please have any real world customer views on this machine? Currently have old sony dvpcx850 sony dvd player which works great and is very conveniant with its disc capacity but i feel i`m missing out due to the lack of component outputs. I have a PWD6 Panasonic plasma screen which i`ve used with the scart input board for the last year running all my gear through it which gives pretty good results BUT!...have just installed new component input board which i`m running my ps2 through and the clarity/colour etc is much better, i`m well impressed with the results and even dvd video playback through the ps2 which is largely criticised betters that than from my sony 850 dvd player! B.T.W i have my media centre p.c running throught the vga input of the plasma which is also an improvement for dvd playback but i feel component input would be even better! I`ve scoured through numerous reviews of dvd players and had opted for a pioneer 575 but am now unsure due to the reported "coma/jaggles" i`ve read . I need optical and coaxial sound outputs and not sure which inputs to use up on my 940 sony reciever/amp(numerous inputs already).svhs would also be nice as i can run another display if i want through a switching box.
    The panasonic seems good spec for the price and any advice/info would be much appreciated, sorry for lenght of post, cheers :)

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