Panasonic DVD-S54


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Cant see anything on this in avforums, is this the model after the DVDS53 (silly question I know but sometimes a level up means a different type of player).

Anyone got one or can comment on this Panny?



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I'm thinking about buying this DVD player, but noticed that it's Reg. 2 only - anyone know of any hacks for it to make it Multi-Region?

Cheers ... soulboy


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I got mine from a local AV shop in Swindon and one of the backroom boys helpfully made it region-free for a tenner. I probably could have done it myself via the codes in the going around, but the price was competitive and I did not want the hassle. Works fine. :)


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Well, I'm going to buying my unit directly from Panasonic (25% discount thru the company I work for), so won't have the option of slipping anyone a tenner - is it too early to be looking for a hack, or is it just that no one's got around to posting it/them yet?!?

Cheers ... soulboy


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I bought mine On Line for $69.95 (US) No Tax/No Shipping

I download Bit Torrent Movies & have changed my library
to all .avi format. No need to convert to DVD format anymore, the DVD-S54K plays ANYTHING. I can now put
4-5 movies on a single DVD
I also play .MP3 music & really love the random play.

Best money I ever spent on a DVD player.

And yes it is an upgrade of the S53 model

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