PANASONIC DVD-RV32... Opinions wanted.


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The PANASONIC DVD-RV32EBS is available at Amazon for £120 delivered, multi-region... does anyone have any comments about this player?

Is it as good as or not as good as the Sony DVP-NS305, or is there really very little to choose between them?

Can the LCD display be selected to show time REMAINING in the film being watched?

I've recently got a Tosh 220, and it can't. That and a few other annoying things about it are making me seriously consider flogging it on, 2 weeks after buying it!


get the Toshiba SD-220, costs the same too

the panasonic is abit outdated now(not that the tosh isnt!), but the picture quality is likely to be better.

only good things about the Panasonic is that it has long mp3 file names and play WMA files

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