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Was looking at getting a DVD Recorder. I was looking at getting the Panasonic DMRE50 or DMRE60 not sure yet what one. :confused: Can anyone let me know if i'm making the right choices etc.

Also checked with my local John Lewis and they are charging £449 for the DMRE60, has anyone seen this for cheaper in a store so that i can get John Lewis to price-match hopefully.

Thanks in advance for any help.




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Well if you look at the e55 is coming out next month so you might want to wait until then, otherwise the pannys are the best dvd recorder as long as you dont want a hard disc.



Hello Detritus,
I got a DMRE60 before Xmas and its fantastic. If you have a digital camera that uses SD cards go for it - if not the E50 is probably the one.
I got mine for £334 from - this was the best price I could find at the time.
Hope this helps.


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Well,having upgraded from HS2 to a Pioneer 5100,I would champion Pioneer as the new DVDR kings.RGB input,lack of,aside-their machines take the crown from Panny as their new improved -RW recording now offers Timeslip,previously only on RAM,and compatibility of +RW on a -RW disc in Video mode.But the editing of RAM is matched by -RW in VR mode.If you can live with an s-video input instead of RGB,then the 3100 will do you very well.

steve 111

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Paid £334 for my E60 from Digital Direct. Fantastic piece of kit, but only go for it over the E50 if you want to use it for DV archiving and Digital Photography viewing.

Also, use it as my player and find it does this job excellently.


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I got the E50 from asda for £275 complete witha return and refund for a year.
Amazon sell the e50 for £250

I must say that the E50 is fanbloodytastic


I got my e50 from john lewis and got them to price match it for me with a shop in birmingham that were doing them for £225!
JL wanted £299 so got it a bit cheaper, and a 2 year warranty too.
One thing though, JL won't match web prices, the product has to be on sale in a shop.


The panny E50 and E60 are both excellent recorders I have a E60. Both the units are same in terms of recording and playback only go for the E60 if you have a Digital Camcorder as the E60 has a firewire port.

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