Panasonic DVD rec with upscaler


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I am looking at the new range of Panasonic dvd ram recorders with built in freeview tuner and the upscaler to my jvc lcd panel via the hdmi connection.

I alresdy have the previous dvd ram model but without the upscaler and get pretty good results using component progressive scan via the 3 coloured component leads to the panel.

Am I likely to get a degree of improvement, as claimed, upscaling via the hdmi connection to the panel.

Also is it only 'bought' dvd discs that will show this 'improvement' or will any signal from the unit (including the signal from the digital and analogue tuners) be upscaled via the hdmi connection to the panel. What would happen to the analogue pictures if processed this way.
Any views appreciated.


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I started a thread on this topic a while ago; there was some very useful input from Gavtech. Here's a link - hope it works; I'm not sure if I'm doing it right!

The general consensus seems to be that the upscaling hype is a bit exaggerated and if you have an HD ready TV, its own upscaler can do just as good a job as the one in the DVD player. On the other hand, just using an HDMI connection should show an improvement I would think.

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