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Hi Everyone:hiya:

I have a Panasonic DMR E100 and at the weekend I recorded something onto DVD RAM on the "SP" setting, I now want to archive it onto DVD-R, What would be the best way (Quality wise) of doing it,

1/ Would it be to play it on my other Panny recorder and go through my AV amp and record it onto a DVD-R in SP or

2/ Dub from the RAM disc onto the Hard Disk drive at High speed, then dub back to DVD-R at high speed?

I think the second method may be better even if it does seem the long way round, any suggestions???




Agree with you. There'll be no loss in quality since there isn't any re-encoding involved.


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Yes (2) would mean no loss in quality providing you have [DVD-R Rec For High Speed Copy] swithed [ON] otherwise you won't be able to dub at high speed to the DVD-R disc.

There is a 3rd option if you have the right equipment, i'm guessing you don't. You could just convert the DVD-RAM recording to a DVD-R recording on your PC. Using TMPGEnc DVD Author, is one method. You do need a DVD-RAM compatible drive in your PC though.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for your replies guys, I think I will go the dub to HDD then dub to DVD-R route, as it takes the re-encoding and the AV amp out of the equation.

Thanks again, :smashin:


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