Panasonic dvd dmr-e30 problem



Hi am new to these forums as before i pick up and take a sledge hammer to this pile of trash, and then get thottled for doing it, i decided to try and get help here.

Ever since buying this dvd recorder (never used the recording part because its been a headache with just using it as a normal dvd player), yet when trying to take it back all we got was its workign nothing wrong with it, this went on until the shop closed. So i am now left here with a £500 piece of un-working trash. Anyways the problem (or problems).

When inserting a dvd into the maching it always takes between 60 and 120 seconds before it actually recognizes that a dvd has been inserted, 30-40 seconds after this fact it will do 1 of 3 things.

1 - Eject the dvd (this happened very often, but as of late has stopped happening at all).

2 - Play the dvd (this is an extreamly rare move for the thing to do, out of 100 it would play 0.01% of the time).

3 - Finally and the most common problem is it just comes up with a U11 error code (have no idea what this is at all) and turn itself off. You can sit there for an easy hour inserting/ejecting/inserting/ejecting and inserting the damn dvd on the hope that at some point it will actually decide to play the thing.

Right now this was teh 1st DvD recorder i have purchased and i have to say at that price it will also be the very last, wont even touch a panasonic (panash*t) again after this. All the reviews i had read said it was great, my experiance in fact says it was ****.

If anyone has any suggestions on this i would be grateful.


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