Panasonic DVD - COAX Or Optical Connection?


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Hi - I am trying to connect the latest Panasonic DVD Player to a not so new (5-Years old) Dolby ProLogic Technics Amplifier.

The problem the DVD has only Coax, Optical or S-Video connections (it has normal Video in/out RCA's - but I am sure the quality wont be good). How do I connect the DVD to the Amp?

Any ideas? Some people tell me that I will have to get a new Amp!!


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If you have a Pro-Logic only amplifier then you need to connect the dvd player to it via the 5.1 analogue inputs (if the amp has them!). You would then use the onboard decoding of the dvd player for Dolby Digital etc (assuming the dvd player has the 5.1 analogue outputs). If either the player or the amp has no 5.1 inputs/outputs then you´ll need a new amp if you want Dolby Digital/DTS etc.


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Hi Jase - thanks for your help. My AMP does not have analoge inputs. Besides the 5.1 speaker connections - the AMP has VCR (IN/OUT), VDP, TAPE, CD - ALL are RCA type connections.

The DVD also has 5.1 connections (plus the optical and coax).

I guess I need a new AMP.

Can you suggest a good AMP. My kit is:

Panasonic DVD (just a year old with most things)
Panasonic HI-Fi Video
AMP Technics
2- X Satellite boxes
Old Nokia TV (with 2 scarts - hope to replace the TV soon).
Front Speakers -- Mission Big Floor Standing which I have bi-wired.
Centre is also Mission.
I have just bought Definitive Sub and Rear.

Not the most costly kit - but cant afford to change things right now.

If you can suggest a amp that would work with the current (specially the DVD) - I would much appreciate.




Hi Shafiq

Purely in the interest's of Remote Control compatability, how about another Pana product. Either the SA-HE70 or SA-HE90 would do the trick and be relatively cheap (I think the RRP would be about 250 - 300 pounds). The 90 has large speaker terminals, so would be more suitable for your speakers. It also has PLII (for what it's worth) and DTS. Two toshlink and a co-axial input should take care of the DVD 5.1 inputs.

The remote control can also handle your DVD and VCR functions (well the basic ones anyway).

I have the SA-HE9 which is the predecessor and I'm happy with the sound I get for the money I paid. Mind you, I have ears of cloth so don't take my word for it.

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