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Dec 7, 2003
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Hi guys, I'm after some advice about my Panasonic TX28DT4 television. I bought it back in the sales after Christmas but shortly after I noticed a problem with the picture when playing DVDs.

Basically about 1.5-2cm of the right hand side of the picture appears to be rolling back onto itself.... Its a bit weird but you know how PC monitors look if you set the horizontal screen control too far in one direction? When watching DVDs with lots of camera pans it becomes very distracting because objects that pan off the screen then seem to bounce back into the 2cm bar?! Very very distracting.

Anyway, I called Comet and they picked the TV up to take to their workshop for "adjustment". I had hoped everything would come good since this seemed like a fairly simple adjustment but when I got the TV back yesterday it was just as bad??? Worse than that, the case had been cracked during the repair!!

I called Comet today and they told me that the TV had been: "adjusted to manufactures specifications" and "optimised for 16:9 viewing". They have offered to take the TV back to replace the case (fair enough) but since the TV has been adjusted to "manufactures specification" they said that’s probably all they could do.

I can't believe that Panasonics spec allows for a 2cm roll back on the screen edges. Comet blank refused to provide me with an exchange for the TV so I don't really know what to do now.

I've tested the set with another DVD player to see if it was just my player but I got the same results :(

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Dave C
You may be able to adjust this via the Service menu - there are several threads around discussing the Panasonic service menu, or you can find some instructions here...

I cant advise on how easy or safe it is to use the service menu, since I haven't done so myself - be warned - apparently changing some of the things can turn your tv into a brick! However, it does mention the ability to change horizontal position and size.

Thanx Robin. I will check it out if I get stuck with the set.

I was a quite upset with Comet this morning so I've set my credit card company on them. I'm not too sure if it'll get me anywhere but I just want my money back now so I can buy elsewhere.

I don't know what the service menu is capable of in my TV but the service techie that visited me prior to the TV being taken away made absolutely no attemt to access it. I think that Comet have actually opened the case of the TV to adjust it too since it's the only explanation I can think of for the crack in the case.

I'll give the service menu a go if I can't get my money back but I don't want to turn it into a brick yet.
After reading through some of the other threads on this form regarding Panasonic PS1 and DT4 TVs. It doesn't look like this sort of geometry problem is uncommon. Has anyone else had one of these TV's successfully replaced for these kind of problems?

My current list of faults:

Roll-over RHS screen edge during DVDs.

Very Wavy edges of the image when viewing in 4:3 mode.

Blooning along the screen edges with high contrast pictures (any source).

Hazy picture when sourcing anything on composite inputs (SCART 2).

And oddly enough last night i noticed slight screen roll-over on 4:3 images too (all sources).

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