Panasonic drought


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anyone know whats happening with the 37 & 42 pv500's as they seem to be sold out in most places.
whens the next batch due??


Well, same problem here in the Netherlands. I ordered the 42inch PV500 three weeks ago and it will take probably much longer before I will get it. I´m thinking about canceling my order. More people with an outstanding order for one of these plasma´s?


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My 42pv500 took 10 weeks to arrive. Nearly cancelled, but held out and, as I've said elsewhere in this forum, I am well pleased that I gave it a chance. Couldn't be happier :smashin:


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Walked into a local AV shop today (this isn't a joke!) and staring at me was a Panny 50PE30. Old model I'm told. Was watching the picture on it and a Panny rep wandered over and we got talking about plasmas, lcds, 1080 panels etc. I was telling him how I thought the low res panels did a pretty fine job, compared to the 42pv500 and he completely agreed. I'm looking at buying a 42pv500, or 42PHD8, or possibly a Pio 436. On his words I am now considering the low res versions of the Panny sets and saving myself a few hundred quid. He also voiced concerns about the quality of the forthcoming Sky HD service - again tempting me to go with a low res panel. Anyway to get this back on thread, I wandered around the corner to another AV shop to get a price on said low res panels and mentioned my conversation. Panny rep had been there previously and had advised them to try and push the low res models because they couldn't supply enough of the hi def ones. Makes me wonder if I should believe the rep or not now :confused:

So there we have it, almost from the horses mouth, pv500's etc are in short supply, but then you guys all knew that anyway!


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Tosty said:
pv500's etc are in short supply, but then you guys all knew that anyway!

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