panasonic DMRHW100EBK or Humax Fox HDR T2?


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Which would you buy - Panasonic DMRHW100EBK or Humax Fox HDR T2 500GB?

Can't decide which of these to buy......the Humax obviously has 180 GB more than Panny, however I like the design and quality of Panasonic better!


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If you intend to record in HD and record quite a lot then you'll find 320GB will get quite full quite quickly. {I have a Foxsat-HDR which I upgraded to 1TB and it sits around 45-50% full}.

If the Panasonic allows 'archiving' off to an external hard drive like the Humax it may be less of an issue?

I doubt the quality of the Panasonic is much different to the Humax (having been inside and repaired my Panasonic DMR-E85's psu and had the lid off both Humax PVRs that I own).


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Never been a fan of Humax dont get me wrong they have come a long way but feel that the Panasonic make very good kit. My Bluray 780 freeview + unit I have used over the last 18 months has been near faultless in its recording capability. It does do padding and retain series link data this maybe important to you if you record a number of the lesser channels.

It gets criticised because it carries adverts in the EPG.


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Never been a fan of Humax dont get me wrong they have come a long way but feel that the Panasonic make very good kit.
But they don't support their kit very well....

My Panasonic TV can't manually tune DTT - "tough" said Panasonic.

Their DMR-E50-85 etc.,. suffer a well-documented design fault that overheats and blows a regulator.

They cripple UK kit to be UHF PAL-I only... cheerfully selling the same sets to Ireland who use VHF...

I have a Panasonic Surround Sound System that forgets all the radio stations tuned in when it loses mains power (what an awful design).

All their HDD recorders will only use the disk size they originally came with... even if you need to fit a replacement and that size is no longer available. Compare that to Humax whose product can be upgraded by simply swapping out the hard disk (up to 1TB anyway).

Their first dual tuner DTT PVR was not the best design and quickly dropped... with no upgrades to the software or firmware to address the problems for Panasonic customers. F-i-L has one and it works but its UI is soooooo sloooooowww it is user-unfriendly.

All manufacturers have problems. I'm just stating that in my view Panasonic kit is not better made - and certainly not better supported - than Humax kit.

AFAIK the Humax-T2 - in fact all Freeview+ HD devices - " do padding and retain series link data " (as it's part of the Freeview+ HD specification), as well as the Panasonic you have.

The new dual tuner Panasonic could be a winner if it only came with more storage or the ability to archive off for later playback... which it seems it can't do (unlike the Humax).
From the manual "This unit cannot copy the titles in the HDD to the media. Be careful when deleting the original title after copying to the HDD."
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