Panasonic DMREX75 DVD/HDD or Sony RDR-HXD860 DVD/HDD Recorder???



Sorry if this has been posted before!

Looking to get one of the above for my parents - can't decide which - help!

Must have digital tuner, hdmi out. they'll use it for recording TV, viewing photos, watching original DVDs, maybe the odd bit of video editing, but not much.
Both around £350 in store. They both look pretty good, is there anything one does over the other?



You mention photos.

The EX75 will take an SD card which AFAIK the Sony doesnt. Otherwise I think they more or less balance out.


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Many people on here recommend the EX75 becasue of good picture quality and great connectivity. Some will quote problems with 16:9 aspect ratios, but this is only a problem if your TV is 4:3. I personally think the EX75 is a great piece of kit.

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