Panasonic DMRES30V - How to unlock?



Is there a way of unlocking, (region free), this dvd recorder manually
Or do i need to shell out for a disk or chipped remote.
Does anyone know?



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There's no hack for Panasonic recorders. You have to pay for it. I think it can be done by a hiring a disc or special remote. If you feel you must have multiregion it's best to buy a recorder that's already been modified. If you've already bought the recorder and want to have it modified I suggest you ask the supplier if they can do it for you. If you hire a remote, you risk invalidating not only the manufacturer's warranty but also any guarantee from the supplier, and even if the supplier agrees to replace a faulty machine that you've modified, the replacement will probably be region 2 so you'll be back to square one. It might be better to put the money towards a cheap player that can be hacked. This will also help to extend the life of the recorder.


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Probably cheaper anyway to buy a seperate region free dvd player, quality will match the recorder playback, and you can reserve the recorder for what it does best, recording, with the connections set up to achieve the best recording quality.

Indeed in the interests of long life I only use my recoders dvd drive to burn to dvd-r's, which I always play back on my standalone player. I only rarely record to ram discs using the hard drive unless it will be too full.

Don't forget that players usually have much more features for the playback mode, making then more convenient to use, and often have composite output as well if your tv can use it.

I have my panasonic dvd recorder set up with just a scart connection. It is multi region, because the cheapest supplier when I bought it (a HS2) supplied it that way, but apart from checking, I have never needed this facitlity.
I have a toshiba dvd player which is set up with composite output and an optical sound out, which is far better at playing back bought dvd's.

Has anyone else come across dvd extras where there is no sound on soem of the sections when the player is set up with an optical sound link? I have several dvd's where to hear some of the extras, I have to use the dvd recorder to play them back as sound is available through the scart connection

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