Panasonic DMRES10 Recorder


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I am looking at purchasing one of these (I know it is a older model). I need RGB in which the DMRES15 does not.

I can't find any decent specs for this. I need to know what formats it plays and records onto. Does it record onto +RW?

Does it have component progressive output?


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FrankS said:
You can go to the Panasonic web site
and download the instructions they tell you what connections and what formats you can record to. I have the DMRES25 and I'm very pleased with it, but I don't think +RW is very well supported by the unit. I use DVD RAM and -RW
I already been there which is why I posted here. I am reading elsewhere it records onto -RW but the manual only saids -R and RAM can be recorded.

I would just like a list of confirmed formats that play and record.


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i have this model and can confirm it plays all formats and can record onto all formats except +RW.
Also it does have the component progressive output.

Hope that helps
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