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Panasonic DMREH60D RGB pass-through




Can anybody tell me if the DMREH60D has RGB pass-through? With my current Sony DVD player, I plug the RGB scart from my Freeview box into the back of it and then take the RGB scart output from the DVD to my TV. When the DVD is in standby I can watch the Freeview signal, but when I press play on the DVD it takes over the RGB output. If it does work this way, does it also pass the RGB through when it is recording from the built-in tuner?




In the manual (online) there is a section:
Connecting a digital/satellite receiver or decoder

Viewing video from the decoder on the television while the
unit is stopped or while recording.
If you connected the television to the AV1 terminal and the decoder
to the AV2 terminal on this unit, press [0]i[ENTER]. (“DVD”
appears on the unit’s display.)
Press again to cancel. (“TV” appears on the unit’s display.)
≥If the television is compatible with RGB input, the RGB output
signal from the decoder can also be output from the main unit the
same way.

I read this to say it can - anyone actually tried this?

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