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Can I use the DMRE60 as the basis for a home cinema system or do I need to buy an all-in-one system like the Panny SCHT900? I don't really want to do this cos the DMRE60 is a great player in itself. What I really want to do is connect the DMRE60 to an AV receiver - can I do that? The more mags I read the more confused I get - can anybody help please?
Thanks for response. TV is Panny TX-W32 R4DP and budget for receiver and speakers is £500 to £600 tops. I've been looking at the Marantz SR5400 cos good reviews or maybe sticking with Panny and going for one of their receiver/speaker packages. I need advise on speakers though cos large lounge 21' x 16' x 10' high. I am looking for decent sound rather than lots of it - I don't necessarily want the family and neighbours blasted into next week! Cheers
Yamaha 5630/5640 amp and Canton CD1 or (cheaper Tannoy FX5.1) is somewhere to start i am not keen on marantz and a 5400 would eat up alot of your budget, that said 5400 and MS premiere is a good combination. depends on the style you are after. I would stay away from panny amps and speakers the sure know how to build a TV/Plasma and DVD-recorder but other than that there are better.
You're a star - thanks a lot - I'll have a look at the Yamaha + Canton speakers. Could you tell me who makes MS premier?
Mordaunt Short (MS) also look at denon 1803 amp and a few others £600 budget 5.1 6 channels £100 per channel, Sub will be active so £100 for sub £500 and 5 channels £50 per speaker £50 per amplifier. £250 for amp £350 for speaker package with active sub, 10% for cables £225 amp £25 cables and £315 speakers £35 speaker cable

Optical cable £10+ Sub cable £15-20 + speaker cable £1.50 per metre
Rule of thumb but not bad unless you have any particular other needs.
PS do you have Sky cable freeview etc or a VCR or PS2 or other unit to connect???
Most people have!
Looks like I may have to persuade the wife to let me increase the budget a bit!!!!
Yes I have a Sky Digibox + Philips VCR + the kids plug their play station into the front of the TV (AV3). Scart sockets are a problem as the TV only has 2 - any suggestions.
well as long as you are wired up as follows TV AV2 VCR scart VCR scart2 to Sky VCR socket SKY TV socket to E60 E60 to TV AV1:
some pioneer amps (lower end have scarts 301/501) and some high end marantz do £££££££££££££'s tho. Can be done for your budget but get out and listen to some systems get to creative audio in shrewsbury if you can see their site for some excellent deals but go with the wife some fave DVD's and CD's and have a listen, probably best to phone ahead and book a couple of hours slect a pack you like the look and price of and ask for a demo, then you have a base to move from, nice thing about these packs is they often include cables, expensive to buy in their own. 2 hours in their dem room is worth 20+ hours on the web and on here as you can see and hear the kit !
personally i think this is well worth a demo!
£90 over your top budget but i think is great deal especially with the cables. not the only option by any means but worth while listening to to get an idea of what you can get in your lounge.Pity they only seem to do KEF tho
I agree with HD, go for Yamaha rather than Marantz, they're budget Amps are IMHO the best value on the market and for £200 you should be able to get something like the HTR5640.

In terms of speakers why not see if you can get a second hand set of the Version 1 Kef Eggs for about £400.

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