Panasonic DMRE55EBS Disc Read Fault

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I have a panasonic DMR E55 EB S which will not go further than the self check mode. It just keeps repeating itself and will not recognise discs or switch in the link to the tv anymore . Up to a week ago if you left it trying for long enough it would eventually work but it now refuses altogether.

I am no idiot where mechanical things are concerned i restored classic cars as a job for long enough,but when it comes to electronics that is a different ball game.

I have stripped the unit down and have removed and refitted all the tape connectors as well as a light spray with servisol and tested it, but, the fault still remains. Have any of you any idea what the fault could be or how i might solve it by purchasing a replacement part. The circuit boards seem very easy to replace could it be one of these ?

I am new to this excellent site and would appreciate any easy to follow help you could give me.

Thank you Rick


Welcome to the forum.

This will almost certainly be caused by the Voltage regulator.

There are a number of enormous threads dealing with this issue and which explain how to get the part and how to replace it.

If you do a little searching you should find it.

If you cannot I will provide a link.


This problem was first identified on an E85.

It has subsequently emerged on E95's and the E55.

There is a thread for the E55 specifically [ search for E55 self check] but you can read the E85 thread which dealt with it first... See especially leslierushforths post No 114.

There is a link somewhere in these threads which directs you to a picture sequence of the repair.

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