Panasonic DMRE 100 changing drives


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Hi I am new to this forum so hello everybody

Great now thats out of the way my question is I have just got the panasonic dmre 100 dvd recorder i am wondering if anyone has changed the 80 gig internal harddrive for a bigger one and has any body swaped the internal panasonic dvd ram drive for a better drive?


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Curious as to why you would want a drive any bigger ? surely opening up your machine would void any warranty outstanding??

Think carefully compo


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would like to increase recording time on hard drive

also to dvd writer drive is a panasonic dvd ram drive would like to put pionner 105 drive in


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There is zero chance of getting this machine to work with a larger hdd. Loads of people spent a lot of time trying to achieve this with the earlier hs2 with no success at all. The size of the drive is fixed in the machine initial set-up and without access to a method of changing this it is impossible to get the machines to see the extra space. Clearly the manufacturer could do it as a version of the hs2 was running much larger hdd in japan, but no-one outside the company could crack the code.

You can change the drive for a quieter one or easily replace a dead one yourself, but it must use the same or less power or you will run into lots of problems. IE the hs2 came with a 5400rpm 40gig hdd, changing this to the more readily available 7200rpm used up to much power causing the machine to crash whilst trying to burn discs. Indeed even different makes of 5400rpm hdd caused the same problem as they used more power to run.

Again with the hs2 there was no merit in a faster drive anyway as it could not utilise the quicker access time to speed up.
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