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I have a Tivo (3 years old) hooked up to a Meridian sound processor,Panasonic 42" plasma (3,so over 2 years old now),with a Classe power amp and DVD player. I saw the forum post on the DMR100e from Richer Sounds and bought one to replace the Tivo but I'm wondering if I've done the right thing.Can anyone tell me whether I can use this with the Tivo,or I could use in another room (but due to communal sky arial it would be digital terrestial only) or should I take it back !
Hope someone can help me here !


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There is no reason you can't record from the tivo as it plays, but the final quality of the recording will be reduced as the tivo records in a lower quality anyway and its is then converted again as it is recorded by the e100.

I would retain the tivo and use it for timeshifting programs you want to see but not keep as this is easier than using the e100 where you have to set both it and sky to timer record each program. You can connect the tivo to the video out of the digibox, and then to another non rgb scart on the tv.
Use the E100 for what you want to keep, recording to the hard drive at best quality, edit the recording to remove extra time, ads etc and then archive to -r media, with input and output set to rgb.
You may well find though that the extra hassle of setting up the E100 to record everything is worth the effort for the better quality picture.

richard plumb

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doesn't the E100 change the Sky channel when it needs to record?!

Surely its bad enough to have to use videoplus/manual setting, but then to have to set your sky box too!


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Thanks - this is exactly what I wanted to know - I wasn't aware that the Tivo would be lesser quality than the e100,I thought they'd be the same on highest quality setting.I'll replace the Tivo with the E100 and see if I can sell the Tivo I think


The PQ of TiVo is actually very good compared to a DVD recorder.
Both will record an analogue video stream, both will record RGB, both will compress the video etc etc. If TiVo was only connected to the TV via a composite connection then yes the PQ would be far lower. Keep the path of the picture as RGB and I doubt you will see much, if any difference in PQ.



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Yes it is good compared to a straight dvd recorder as most people end up trying to put 4 or 6 hours on the media, as a practical minimum.

It is not as good as an xp quality recording to the hard drive which should store around 16 hours at this quality. The e100, I understand, has a hdd twice the size of the tivo for the same amount of recording at each machines best quality.

Having recorded as best quality to the hdd archiving can be done at a more sensible quality puting up to 2 hours on each media with flexible record, which should still be better than a tivo even before trying to play it and record directly to a dvd recorder without a hdd.

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