Panasonic DMR-XS350EBK Timer Programmer fault


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I have owned my Panasonic DMR-XS350EBK HDD DVD Recorder (Freesat) for 12 years and it has always functioned perfectly. But from last weekend 13.2.2022 it will no longer record any programmes on the HDD that were set from the programme timer. It still records manually if not using the timer. The HDD is not full, it has 18 hours left on it and I have re-tuned it several times but it still won't work. When the timer kicks in it activates but remains on pause with the red record light continually flashing. It's as if it's no longer recognising that the programme has started and releasing the timer from pause. Is there any fix for this extremely annoying fault?


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This sounds very similar to a fault that I had with my Panasonic DMR-120 FreeviewHD PVR. On that occasion, it was down to a broadcasting stream change that was affecting programmes carried on muxes COM7 and COM8, and the problem disappeared when the change was backed-out.

Are all channels affected, or just some? I would be tempted to clear down some space on the HDD. It might be confusing things. A factory reset/full-retune might help, as will making sure that you have the latest firmware installed. It does sound though as if it could be a fault in the clock module, or something related to it. Does the clock keep the correct time? It might not be picking-up the clock synchronisation stuff that's transmitted (as I understand things).

Sadly, this is an old box. Panasonic no longer makes any Freesat PVRs, and their Freeview range is rapidly disappearing.

If you can't get it sorted you could try Panasonic. One of its service agents might be able to repair it. At 12 years old, the hard drive could also be on its way out, another possible source of the problem, although manual recordings behave as expected. If you do decide to get it repaired, I'd be inclined to have a new HDD fitted too.

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