Panasonic DMR-XS350 DVD Recording worse than EX-75


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I used to have a Panasonic EX-75 and was able to archive recordings to DVD

Now I have an XS350 and want to do the same thing but it will not copy them at high speed.

I seem to remember that on the EX-75 there were 2 ways to copy but can only see one way on the XS350.

When I record on the hard disk I have a choice of 6 hours or 8 hours which I think relate to LP and EP modes respectively.

So the way it used to work was that if I recorded in 8 hour mode on the hard disk I could archive off in EP mode and it would copy at a higher speed. However, with this XS350 it always copies to DVD in real time so 50 minutes for a 50 minute program.

Been experimenting with this unit and it will not let me change the recording mode between EP, LP and SP, it comes up with an error says it "can only be changed when the source is AV or DV".

So if I am recording from freesat it records in something call DR mode, so how come it offers all these XL. LP and SP modes when you copy to DVD and has a no entry icon on the programme list.

On the EX-75 you could set the recording mode to say LP and then burn to DVD in LP mode with files being copied quickly rather than in real time.

So this model seems to be worse than old model.

I can't change the format of all the programs on my disk so my question is whether there is a way I can archive these programs to DVD at high speed?


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I do know the capabilities of the EX75 and EX85 are pretty flexible to a recording to hard-drive and the burning speeds onto a blank disc.
My later EX77 and EX83 menu offers the choice of 'High Speed Copy' and 'Advance Copy' but subsequently pretty much the same thing.
Your familiar with the EX75, you have the knowledge to change input/output recordings modes from an internal & external source, so I guess you now know the shortfall of your new machine. (sorry)
Perhaps sell it and go back to the EX75-EX85 ? or maybe what I use (above) basically the same machine.


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EX-75 packed up, but also does not have freesat which I need as no usable aerial in my block.

For me the Panasonic brand is dead, they choose a technology and you invest in that, they then abandon it.

The way it worked on the 75 was simple,

if you recorded in XP you could copy in XP at high speed
if you recorded in SP you could copy in SP at high speed
if you recorded in LP you could copy in LP at high speed
if you recorded in EP you could copy in EP at high speed

Not nuclear physics is it

They have removed this capability, you now have to record in real time and there is quality loss. It also records in 4:3 despite being set to 16:9.

I think that it is a reasonable expectation when buying a device with a 16x DVD writer that it will be able to use that speed to archive programmes you recorded.

If I was converting from SP to LP then I would accept it needed to transcode that, although I would copy off at SP and transcode on a PC.

This unit uses all the same interface as the EX75 it has just been basterdized to remove key functionality.

So now Panasonic is a brand I do not trust.

The more they cut back the more I move towards building my own system and using a RokuBox (NowTV) with Plex and downloaded content. My nephew uses this and it is very impressive.


You are missing several tricks here.

You need to do file pre-conversion which will permit you to record at high speed.
See this sticky thread - up to the section about file conversion. It explains the different approach to recording these machines have and why conversion is necessary.

Then see page 53 of your XS350 manual.


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Thanks Gav, you really are Mr Panasonic.

I love the way they refer to the industry standard DVD as Legacy, it is still here, on every PC etc.

So the Icon saying what can and cannot be copied is redundant.

Definately see how this helps but of course it still delays copying stuff off, really appreciate your taking the time to reply.

The number of beers you are owed would run a pub for a month.


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Hey Gav

I tried the pre-conversion on LP and it seemed to work in that it copied more quickly

I then tried it in SP and selected Normal SP as the copy speed but it insists on doing it in real time and predicting it will take 57 minutes for a 45 minute program.

The programmes show as SP in the listing but they have that Blue Circle and No entry sign regardless of what speed I select.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?


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As answered elsewhere, this turned out to be the type of DVD I was using, (DVD+RW) it works fine with (DVD-RW. Thanks Gav

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