Panasonic DMR XS 350 - speakers for surround sound?


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Hi all, I hope someone can help.

We have a Panasonic DMR XS 350 dvd recorder with freesat - which we love. We've been using it with our old CRT tv which has just bitten the dust. We have purchased a new tv which will be arriving soon. We never needed a set of speakers as the ones built in to the tv were pretty good. However, we think the new tv will not have fantastic sound on it (built in speakers in a flatscreen tv - no illusions there). So, we're looking at going surround. However we don't really want to buy yet another box (DVD/Blu ray/AV amp etc), and seeing as the dvd recorder we have has audio outputs on it we were wondering if there were any speaker surround sound sets out there that we could get to just plug into it? It has an optical audio output socket on the back, along with a coaxial output. There's only one HDMI output which we'l be using to connect the tv and dvd player together.

Apologies if this is the dumbest question ever - I'm new to this sort of thing!



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Hi Helen,
Not a dumb question at all.

The first issue you'll hit is that the DMR-XS350 doesn't have an amplifier built into it for the speakers, all it has is a line-level signal output. This will not drive any speakers (maybe just faintly, highly doubt it though).

As you said, you can use the coax or optical digital outputs instead, but again these are just signal outputs and will need a decoder and amplifier. The obvious solution would be an AV receiver, but you've said that you don't want another box which rules this out.

I can think of two choices: either a soundbar which must have optical/coax input or HDMI in & out (so you can pass the audio to it through HDMI, and send the video onwards to your TV), or something like the Onkyo htx-22hdx (more expensive though). Do either of these sound like something that would work for you?

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