Panasonic DMR-PWT655EB PVR/Blu-ray Player Combi Review


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Panasonic never seem to get little things right on this kind of gear e.g. Demand 5 and not being able to access settings when recordings are taking place.
A shame but it looks like a different business unit from TVs.


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Would have bought this but looks like the only way to access the USB is from the front and with the flap down, so a permanent connection to a large capacity usb drive for archiving/playback means a flash drive sticking out or a cable trailing from the front. Not a good look


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Do the Amazon and Netflix apps. give multi-channel audio from streamed material (when it's so encoded, obviously), does anyone know?



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Anyone know where one can actually purchase one of these? Only place I can find is Currys where it costs significantly more than this review suggests!


I'm struggling to find this any cheaper than £299. :(
£229 seems to be a typical discounted price currently: (Misleading link removed)
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That link is for the;
Item model number: DMR-HWT250EB
ASIN: B015341TUM
Missing the slot to put a disk in!
Ah - Yes indeed. Sneaky of amazon - That is the search result for the right model number - but no obvious model number present in the sale advert.

I'll remove the link so as not to mislead others.


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Other than the silver finish, isn't this Currys exlcusive model the same as the DMR-PWT550, which is currently £259 at Amazon?

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