Panasonic Dmr-hs2 V E100


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With prices falling, i've decided to plump for a DVD recorder + HDD - but don't knoe whether it's worth shelling out the extra 200 quid for the E100 with the bigger HD. Assume the DVD recorders are similar in spec? Is there any other reason why I should go for the E100 over the cheaper panny model?



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The E100 is worth the extra £200. It has the following features over the HS2:
- MP3/WMA playback
- SD Card slot
- MPEG4 recording
- High Speed dub to DVD-R
- Can use Thumbnail images on DVD menus
- Larger HDD (double that of the HS2)

There are also a number of improvements: it plays DVDs alot better than the HS2 and has had a few minor tweaks here and there.

If you don't need iLink, Card slots, MPEG4 recording etc then you may want to consider the new Panasonic E85 due in the next month or so.

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